We receive our water from Storm Lake. We pay 1 1/2 times the rate that is paid by the Storm Lake citizens. Lakeside has a 20 year water contract with Storm Lake that began in 2009 and has a renewable option.
Each house has a meter that is read by an employee of Lakeside. The bill is then sent out monthly by our city clerk to the citizens of Lakeside. Water bills are due by the 20th of the month.
Work needing to be done from your house to the curb stop is the owners responsibility.

Sanitary Sewers and Storm Sewers

The council has focused on maintenance of our infrastructure. We hired a service to completely clean our sanitary and storm sewers. We have also hired the service to clean 1/3 of the sewers each year, so all the lines will be cleaned every 3 years. We would like to ask all the citizens of Lakeside to be careful with what they put down their drains. Articles of clothing have been found in the.sewers during the cleaning process, which stop up the sewers pretty quickly. Also we want to remind people that only normal land runoff is allow in our storm sewers. The storm sewers run through Lakeside and empties into Outlet Creek.