Emergency Announcements

Make sure sump pumps are going to the storm sewer and not going down the sanitary sewer.

Sign up for BV 911 text alerts

Lakeside residents please help monitor park areas for vandalism. There has been problems with Port-a-Pot damage and flower destruction. Please call the Sheriff (Sheriff’s Non- Emergent Phone Number 712-749-2530) or City Hall (City Hall’s phone number 712-732-6601) if you see anything suspicious. Or call 911 if immediate or urgent attention is needed.

Dog licenses are available and are mandatory per city ordinance.


ACH for bill paying is now available.

All recyclable bins must be the large bin.


Street Maintenance

Street Maintenance

The summer of 1999 the full length of Lakeshore Dr. was resurfaced. The summer of 2000 a major project
will be started for Park Street of building a surfaced street with complete water and sewer utilities.

Snow Removal

Lakeside has it’s own new maintenance truck with snowplow and do our own snow removal. The snow policy is categorized as “bare pavement” or as close as possible. We are one of the few towns around that has adopted this level of removal.
The snowplow will be seen at all hours of the day trying to keep ahead of the storms, instead of waiting until the day after as most cities. Also they try to have the snow plowed before most of us have to get out in the morning for work.
One of the advantages of living in Lakeside is the great snow removal. We only ask that you help by keeping your car off the streets during the hours of 12 Midnight to 6AM on days we have snow fall. Also give them special appreciation for putting in those cold hours of plowing after a full day of work and while we lay in our cozy warm beds.